Absurdia opens a world of opportunities.

Absurdia is named after a vision of a world that reached a level of evolution that seems absurd to most people in the present. In this vision, the planet is not ruled by only a few currencies but is shared with every digital asset holder supporting communities, companies, and the earth itself. However, the cryptocurrencies ecosystem needs a platform that can resolve the scattered liquidity problem and open a world of opportunities for the traditional financial world.

OUR Principles

Security is paramount. All crypto-assets and fiat currencies are held in regulated and insured partners, and our main goal is to ensure our customers' assets are always protected.


To achieve its goal, Absurdia needs to be fully transparent to all the stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. We believe it is the key to forging lasting relationships.

Customer Focus

Our success is only possible if our customers find success thanks to our products. We know that we need to constantly engage with our customers to grow in the crypto world.


The People Behind Absurdia

Callum Hutchinson
Mohamed Arbai
Founder, CFO/COO
Faycal Arbai
Founder, CEO/CTO

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