Superpowers for trading programs

Monitor, observe, control and evaluate your trading programs and bots with Absurdia's APIs and application in order to increase your chances of success in the market. "Are ya winning?" Absurdia will tell you the answer.

Improve your odds in the market with...

Smart powers in the market

Trading through our REST, WebSocket and FIX APIs allows you to execute all of your trades via a single endpoint whilst simultaneously enabling you to leverage the liquidity of multiple suppliers to execute your orders. Decide yourself, or let the BEE execute in a way which minimises slippage, fees and execution time for small and large orders alike.


Leverage access to many liquidity suppliers


Use one, super-low latency API


Reduce trading costs by up to 50%

Administration & Custody

Compliant & secure for optimal ops

Securing your tokens or reporting all the futures contracts you hold requires specialised capabilities that we offer to you. Those services are compliant with EU regulations alongside outstanding AML and KYC policies to ensure the regulatory safety of our platform.


"Red button" to kill your program from the dashboard


Detailed reporting for auditors


Fully compliant platform (EU & UK)

Try before launch

Evaluate & operate like a hedge fund

Our platform allows you to program your algorithms using our Quant SDK. Try your algo with no risk thanks to our advanced market conditions projections that are embedded in our Paper Trading solution. Your algorithms get super fast access to live market data and our system will simulate other factors such as market participants' behaviour.


Save all orders and activity forever, no data loss


Realistic paper trading that estimates liquidity


Monitor the financial performance within our dashboard

The tools you need to include digital assets in your portfolio.
BuilT for us, available to you

Absurdia creates stellar software to manage its own digital assets. Soon it will be available to you.

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