Superpowers for your trading programs

Monitor, observe, control and evaluate your trading programs and bots with Absurdia's APIs and application in order to increase your chances of success in the market. "Are ya winning?" Absurdia will tell you the answer.

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Absurdia Backtesting

Online preview of a backtest

Absurdia's platform helps you streamline your workflow from end to end

Backtest Tracking & Evaluation

Gain insights into your strategy's performance, identify improvements, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your algorithms.

Strategy Optimization

Optimize your trading strategies using advanced techniques such as parameter sensitivity analysis and more.

Real-time Monitoring

Stay on top of your trading programs and bots with our real-time monitoring dashboard.

Private Trade & Model Database

Safeguard your intellectual property while benefiting from the convenience and accessibility of a cloud-based storage solution.

Secure all along...

Trade confidently, knowing that your valuable data and algorithms are protected from unauthorized access and potential threats.

Integrate quickly,
track & version automatically

Track, compare, and visualize backtests with 2 more CLI arguments or 5 lines of code. Free for academic and open source projects.

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Integrates with your favorite backtesting engine

  • Freqtrade
  • Any Python

$ absurdia import --freqtrade backtesting [...]


Visualize your data and
uncover critical insights

Add Absurdia's lightweight integration to your existing trading code and quickly get live metrics and system stats streamed to your dashboard.

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Even more superpowers...

Risk Management

Control and mitigate risks with our robust risk management tools. Set custom alerts, stop-loss orders, and other automated actions to protect your investments and ensure the best possible outcomes.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrate Absurdia's APIs into your existing trading infrastructure, regardless of the programming language or platform you're using. Our team and documentation ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Massive Scalability

Effortlessly evaluate thousands of backtests in parallel with our highly scalable infrastructure. Absurdia's robust platform eliminates hassle and ensures smooth performance, even under heavy workloads.

Discover how it works with our guides

Explain how your model works, show graphs of how model versions improved, discuss bugs, and demonstrate progress towards milestones.