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Monitor, observe, control and evaluate your trading programs and bots with Absurdia's APIs and application in order to increase your chances of success in the market. "Are ya winning?" Absurdia will tell you the answer.

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Absurdia Backtesting

Online preview of a backtest

Integrates with your favorite backtesting engine


Integrates quickly

Track, compare, and visualize backtests with 2 more CLI arguments or 5 lines of code. Free for academic and open source projects.

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  • Freqtrade
  • Any Python

$ absurdia import --freqtrade backtesting [...]

Super powers

Visualize seamlessly

Add Absurdia's lightweight integration to your existing trading code and quickly get live metrics and system stats streamed to your dashboard.

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Collaboration in real time

Explain how your model works, show graphs of how model versions improved, discuss bugs, and demonstrate progress towards milestones.

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